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Archive for November, 2015

Welcome Home Buyers by Staging an Entryway

November 26, 2015 (posted by Jennifer Campbell, Home Staging Calgary)

It’s a potential buyer’s first impression of the inside of your listing; the entryway. Are you staging yours to feel welcoming? It doesn’t take much to set the stage. No matter how small an entryway is, do not overlook staging it.

See the difference home staging makes.

After: The red artwork brightens up this entry way.

When you are selling your house or condo, the way your property is presented speaks volumes. By adding special care to the entryway, it suggests to a potential buyer that you have also cared for the rest of the space.

Once curb appeal has attracted a potential buyer and they open the door to step into the listing for the first time, are you giving that person a hint of what to expect in terms of the feel of the property? Help them feel welcome AND peak their interest to want to see more by staging an entryway.

Take this staging consultation we provided in West Springs, Alberta for example. With some professional guidance, the seller created a modern Zen feel to her entrance that introduced calm immediately upon entry. It helps the potential buyer experience that “ahh…” feeling of coming home after a long and stressful day.

See the difference professional home staging makes.

Beautiful details in the door and flooring.

In this Slopes home, the entry space was part of the staging safe inventory rental service we provided for our client. In this example, staging an entryway is a nice introduction to the home and sets the tone for a cozy, family friendly house.

Staging an entryway is important when selling. Welcome a quick sale! For more staging inspiration, check out the Home Staging Tips board by Set Your Stage on Pinterest.

Can’t I save by doing my own DIY home staging?

November 20, 2015 (posted by Jennifer Campbell, Home Staging Calgary)

If you’re a home owner, you may really love getting creative with how you decorate and present your space. You may enjoy watching the home improvement shows and have an eye for what looks and feels right in a room. Does that mean you’re the best qualified to do your own DIY home staging when it comes time to sell?

See the difference home staging makes.

After: This office/den has lots of space for a functional workspace.

Probably not. I’m not saying that because I don’t think you have an eye for what’s beautiful. It’s because home staging is not simply about decorating. It’s about marketing your property in a way that appeals to the most likely potential buyers. That usually requires some distance from the love you have invested in your own home.

Here’s some food for thought. You only have one chance to make a first impression. When your listing doesn’t “speak” to potential buyers or stays on the market, it costs you. Professional home staging is considered an excellent return on investment.

See the difference professional home staging makes.

After: This stylish bedroom is the perfect retreat for any homeowner.

That said, hiring a professional home stager doesn’t have to cost a fortune or feel like a huge risk. I’m a DIYer myself, so I understand the appeal and sense of accomplishment of that mindset. That’s why I offer a range of services in Calgary to meet my clients’ needs.

For the seller who is willing to DIY home staging based on some professional and customized advice, a Home Staging Consultation is an extremely cost-effective way to ensure that you focus your time, energy, and money where it counts most. The consultation includes a complete walkthrough of your home with a detailed step by step guide on how to prepare your home for staging.

See the difference professional home staging makes!

After: We staged this kitchen with bar stools and trendy accessories.

Still sitting on the fence? Find out how your Calgary property can benefit from professional advice to guide your DIY home staging and discuss the results Set Your Stage clients have achieved. Schedule your personalized Home Staging Assessment by contacting Jen at Set Your Stage today.

Listings Come to Life When You Add Colour through Home Staging

November 14, 2015 (posted by Jennifer Campbell, Home Staging Calgary)

Want to make your new property listing stand out? When you add colour in a deliberate way to appeal to potential buyers and tie the spaces together for a seamless experience, your home will come to life and become more memorable than the competition. That helps you sell faster.

See the difference home staging makes.

After home staging: Lamps help brighten the bedroom up and add style.

When staging a property for sale, there’s no need to neutralize the spaces to the extent that they feel lifeless. At the same time, you don’t want to overwhelm potential buyers with colours that feel too personalized or show up in finishings that can’t easily (and inexpensively) be changed – like cabinets, flooring, siding, etc.

But a little spark of life is possible when you add colour in ways that are both tasteful and temporary.

Before home staging

Dining area before home staging.

See the difference home staging makes.

After: Using a bench as part of your dining room set really opens up the room.

This home we staged in Scenic Acres, Calgary is a perfect example. In this project, we worked with the owner’s red couch which became the jumping off point. Keeping the main features of the home very neutral, we chose accessories for key rooms that picked up the same red tone.

These accessories are just enough to catch the eyes of potential buyers as they walk through the property (or when they see it online). It helps the spaces all feel connected, which intuitively makes sense to the buyer and creates a more relaxed experience.

Relaxed does not necessarily mean sleepy and unforgettable. Red adds a feeling of energy and liveliness. When used strategically, your listing becomes more memorable when you add colour through staging.

Before home staging

Bedroom before home staging

See the difference home staging makes.

After: We carried the red theme upstairs to the bedroom with art and a throw pillow.

Bottom line – don’t be afraid to add colour when staging your home for sale. Make it work to your advantage.

Want to stay in touch and read more of our home staging tips? Follow Set Your Stage on Twitter.

Clean Indoor Air Using Plants for Home Staging

November 08, 2015 (posted by Jennifer Campbell, Home Staging Calgary)

Think of the potential buyers who will be viewing your house for sale. What’s the first thing they’ll smell when they walk in the door? Hopefully nothing. Nothing but clean indoor air. If you are living in your home while selling and have time to care for them, use simple house plants to stage your property with clean and fresh smelling air as your goal.

Our sense of smell is powerful. You know how it feels to walk into a home and notice the first smell. If you’re selling, that opening sniff better make a positive first impression.

If not, it’s a challenging memory to overcome. After seeing ten listings, what will the potential home buyers’ lasting memory be of your place? It could easily be that first scent impression. Don’t allow that to create a problem impacting the progress of your sale.

Sometimes we get used to the scents that surround us, so it’s helpful to ask a trusted friend (or home stager!) for their honest feedback. Maybe you’ve seen that commercial where the person’s kitchen is presented as a fish market to show how others experience the space. It’s a bit exaggerated, but true.

Before home staging.

Before home staging.

See the difference that home staging makes?

This sunroom is perfect for lazy Sunday afternoons with a good book.

So when I saw this infographic on Pinterest about clean indoor air, I knew it would be a helpful Pin to add to the Set Your Stage DIY Home Improvement Board.

I’ve written before about the importance of getting rid of smell to sell. Plants provide an ideal natural solution.

For home staging purposes, choose a plant from the list that reflects the style and feel that you want your home to express to potential buyers.

Beachy? I’d go with the areca palm.

Health conscious? Why not aloevera?

Don’t have a green thumb? Chinese evergreen is a hardy choice.

Inspiration can come from anywhere. When it comes to clean indoor air, look no further than nature…and of course, Pinterest!

For more staging inspiration, check out the various boards we have at Set Your Stage on Pinterest.