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Home Staging Ideas

See the difference home staging makes. Home staging ideas.

Home Staging Ideas: The house had been
on the market for 7 months with no offers.
After: The house sold within 2 weeks!

Coming from an avid
do-it-yourself family, I understand how rewarding it is to complete a project on your own. As with most DIY-ers, you’ve probably already done your research and know the benefits of home staging: staged homes appeal to buyers both in person and online which result in faster sales and sell for more money compared to unstaged homes. But where do you get your home staging ideas from?
There’s lots of advice from TV, books, real estate agents and CREB’s Home Staging Checklist, but where do you start with your home?
Home Staging Consultation $249
This is where I can help ease your stress. As a trained professional, I can help point you in the right direction with a personalized home staging consultation. The consultation includes a complete walkthrough of your home with a detailed step by step guide on how to prepare your home for staging.
Does your home require a little more to properly Prepare Your Property? Consider saving time, money and shopping stress by
upgrading the basic package:
Accessorize Your Assets (one month rental)
Does your property require extra artwork, accessories or greenery to properly Accessorize Your Assets? Take advantage of our staging safe inventory.
Furnish Your Floorplan (one month rental)
Does your property require extra furniture to properly Furnish Your Floorplan? Take advantage of our staging safe inventory.
To find out if your property could benefit from staging, contact Jen today for your personalized Home Staging Assessment.

Our Latest Client Testimonial

by Carol A. on Set Your Stage
Amazing Job!

I appreciated all you had done with the house and to thank you again. I know the house would not have sold without the amazing job you did ... Read More Testimonials

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