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Looking Like a Motivated Seller is an Expensive Mistake

August 10, 2015 (posted by Jennifer Campbell, Home Staging Calgary)
Even if the words “motivated seller” don’t show up in your real estate listing, you might be unknowingly sending the message anyways. How? By not ensuring that you’re presenting your property at its very best. That’s a surefire way for you to lose money. Here are some staging tips to prevent that from happening.

When I came across this infographic, I immediately pinned it to the Selling Tips board for Set Your Stage on Pinterest.
“Terms that reek of desperation, such as “motivated seller”, actually prolong time on the market by 10%.”
As a professional home stager in Calgary, I know that the words don’t actually have to show up on a listing to imply desperation. The way your property is presented speaks volumes.

Does this room look familiar?

Before: Calgary living room before home staging.

See the difference professional home staging makes?

After: This open concept living room is the perfect space for entertaining or relaxing. Click like if you love the 17 foot high ceilings!

If you do a google search for “how to find motivated sellers”, you’ll quickly see the advice for telltale signs that investors and bargain hunters should look for:

  • homes that have overgrown & unkept lawns, no curtains, and a “nobody lives here” feel to them (Creative Real Estate Online)
  • vacant properties, since owners are likely making payments on another home while waiting for the vacant home to sell, making them very motivated (The Nest)
  • “For Sale by Owner” and “For Rent by Owner”, estate, pre-foreclosure, or moving situation (WikiHow)
  • same owner for 10 years or longer, adding to the likelihood that they fully own (or have a small mortgage remaining) and have more freedom to sell at a discount


Does this room look familiar?

Before: Bathroom before home staging.

See the difference home staging makes.

After: Adding the white towels and artwork as well as the glass soap pumps and mini plant make this master bathroom feel like a spa.

Now, if you’re a real estate investor or home buyer, this is helpful to you. But, if you’re selling, and you’re wanting to get the most for your investment – not at all desperate or wanting to be perceived as a motivated seller – you’ve got to address these signs.
What to do?


Don’t be perceived as a motivated seller. Stage your property and keep your money! For more staging inspiration, check out the various boards we have at Set Your Stage on Pinterest.

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