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Get Rid of Smell to Sell

March 10, 2014 (posted by Jennifer Campbell, Home Staging Calgary)

Let’s face it. With these cold Calgary winter days, we’re not keeping our doors and windows open much to let the fresh air in. But odours are a real deterrent to potential buyers. So, if you’re selling your property, you need to get rid of smell that may be lingering. These resources can help.
Part of staging your property to appeal to potential buyers is making it smell as good as it looks. To achieve that, sometimes you’ll need to give your entire space a good coat of primer and paint or to remove all the carpeting to get rid of tough odours. That’s time and expense that you may want to avoid.
Try these smaller steps to get rid of smell:
Air purifying machine: Whether it’s a portable model or one that’s attached to your HVAC system, circulating your home’s air through an air purifier will help to eliminate odours. Stop in to your home improvement store to find an inexpensive option that works best for you. Also consider products like “Gonzo” and the like for a more temporary fix.
Common kitchen ingredients: You probably won’t be cooking as much while your property is listed for sale, but these tips, using basic ingredients and everyday products you probably already have, will help to remove kitchen odour.
Hydrogen peroxide: Dilute hydrogen peroxide with water and spray to get rid of smell. Be careful to test this first to ensure it doesn’t bleach your fabrics and surfaces. It’s surprisingly simple and cost effective and won’t leave an odour behind like vinegar can do.
“No smell” is a good smell. Don’t add a scented product to mask odours in your home. Use one of the resources mentioned above to get rid of smell so you can sell. For more professional home staging resources and tips, follow Set Your Stage on Twitter.

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