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Home Staging Calgary: Set Your Stage’s 6 Most Popular Posts of 2016

January 02, 2017 (posted by Jennifer Campbell, Home Staging Calgary)
As another year of staging Calgary properties to sell wraps up, the Set Your Stage team likes to tie it up in a bow with a roundup post for our readers. So here they are in case you missed them; six of our most popular staging tips, questions and resources enjoyed by realtors and home sellers in 2016.
See the difference home staging makes.

After: This kitchen is the perfect space to entertain friends on a Friday night.

  1. Home Staging Quiz – Does your house or condo need staging before it gets listed for sale? This quick Set Your Stage quiz will help guide you.
  2. Stage a Condo with THIS in Mind – Size matters!
  3. Calgary Investors: Is it time to sell your rental property? – Get the most for your investment.
  4. Selling a Property? Stage for Potential Buyers – It’s not about you anymore.
  5. How to Stage a Bathroom to SELL – Small but important, the topic of bathroom staging continues to be popular among readers.
  6. Looking Like a Motivated Seller is an EXPENSIVE Mistake – OK, this is from the archives but it still remained a hot topic in 2016 and is one of my personal favourites!
See the difference professional home staging makes?

After: This open concept living room is the perfect space for entertaining or relaxing.

Staging Calgary properties continues to be a popular choice for both real estate agents and home owners. That’s because making the investment to showcase a stunning listing that appeals to your buyers is worth it.
These six posts will help get you started. But there’s plenty more support available from our eco-friendly team of professional home stagers. Just ask Set Your Stage in Calgary!
See the difference home staging makes.

After: Adding the white towels and artwork as well as the glass soap pumps and mini plant make this master bathroom feel like a spa.

Want more tips for staging Calgary properties to sell? Stay in touch. Follow Set Your Stage on Twitter.

Look to Nature for your next Staging Colour Combination

September 09, 2016 (posted by Jennifer Campbell, Home Staging Calgary)

Colour is one of the most impactful ways to change the feel of a staged property. Freshly painted walls and some new accessories can make the world of difference to how a potential buyer perceives your listing. Confused about how to choose a staging colour combination? Look to nature for inspiration.

See the difference professional home staging makes!

After Staging: The green orchids look stunning in the glass blue vases.

A staging colour combination that does not make sense can create a jarring feeling for potential buyers as they view your listing. Instead, you want them to feel at ease as they move from room to room. Colour can create that sense of flow.

Starting with a piece of art or a throw pillow that represents the feeling that you believe buyers want to have in their new home, you can pull colour combinations together that unify the rooms. And you can also look to nature.


Take this butterfly wing I pinned to the Set Your Stage “Nature” board for example. Warm neutrals cover most of the wing. Then a hint of blue adds a pop to attract your eye. This is the same approach you can use when staging your house or condo.

See the difference professional home staging makes?

After: This open concept living room is the perfect space for entertaining or relaxing. Click like if you love the 17 foot high ceilings!

You can see this staging colour combination at play in a staging consultation we provided in Evanston Calgary. The majority of the room is one of the warm neutral colours (like in the butterfly wing). Then there’s a pop of blue in the cushion, accessories, and artwork to add life.

This staging colour combination creates a sense of comfort and peacefulness while at the same time feeling vibrant and alive. It does not feel like a boring room that potential buyers will forget about as soon as they move on to view their next listing.

If it’s time to sell, look to nature for a staging colour combination that appeals to potential buyers. OR get some help from a professional home stager with experience staging properties in your neighbourhood.


For more inspiration and home staging tips, check out Set Your Stage on Pinterest.

Set the Stage for Buyers Who Love to Entertain

June 23, 2016 (posted by Jennifer Campbell, Home Staging Calgary)

For many property buyers, the home is the hub for entertaining. So why not intentionally stage for buyers with that in mind? Create a bar area or other entertaining-friendly space. Help your potential buyers see themselves living and entertaining in your listing and benefit with a faster sale.

A property we staged in Garrison Woods Calgary made it easy to stage for buyers who love to entertain. It already had a built in bar area located between the living room and dining room. By staging it, we gave it life, adding some atmosphere and highlighting it as a key feature of the property.

See the difference home staging makes.

After: Entertainer’s dream bar area between the living room and dining room.

But you don’t have to have an existing feature like this to successfully set the stage for entertaining. A quick search on Pinterest will result in great ideas.

I love bar carts that can be styled for a range of functions~ after dinner drinks, coffee, or brunch ~ depending on what type of entertaining will be happening. Carts offer the ultimate flexibility, portability, and ability to stage effectively within a small space.

See the difference home staging makes.

After: This is the perfect retreat/man-cave for the entertainer in your family.

Have an extra room that doesn’t have a specific purpose? Stage it as a games room.

Add functional and organized groupings of items that make sense together in the staged entertaining space to create instant impact.

See the difference professional home staging makes.

After: This formal seating area is a great place to entertain.

And don’t forget the outdoor spaces. When you stage for buyers who love to entertain, additional outdoor seating areas are a bonus. If you happen to have a pool, outdoor fireplace, or a great view, make a point of highlighting that too! For more inspiration and home staging tips, check out Set Your Stage on Pinterest.

Refinish Wooden Furniture to Reduce Staging Costs

June 17, 2016 (posted by Jennifer Campbell, Home Staging Calgary)

I work with a lot of clients who want to stage their house or condo for sale on a budget. They also happen to be open to do-it-yourself projects and prefer to use eco-friendly options whenever possible. My suggestion? Refinish wooden furniture quickly and easily with this simple homemade mixture.

Once again, I was reminded how the solutions to many problems can be found on Pinterest!

I had been looking for a quick and easy fix to give some older wooden furniture a facelift. I was decorating my own condo with some antique family furniture and had some pieces that were looking a little tired.

Also, in my effort to make more environmentally conscious choices in my Calgary home staging business, I sometimes find great used furniture pieces with great bones that can serve a new purpose in my staging projects.

In both cases, I want the solution to be clean, fast, effective, and green.

Does this room look familiar?

Bedroom before staging

See the difference home staging makes.

After: This simple, yet stylish bedroom is the perfect retreat for any homeowner.

So I searched for answers. I tried various techniques. And then I found this simple mixture that only requires two natural ingredients: oil and vinegar. (Not just for salad!)

Not only have I used this mixture to refinish wooden furniture myself, but I have recently recommended it as a tip for some of my Home Staging Consultation clients. It’s not perfect, but it serves its purpose. And because it’s so inexpensive and you probably already have the supplies in your kitchen, it’s definitely worth a try, don’t you think?

Instead of buying new, first try to refinish wooden furniture for cost-effective staging when it’s time to list your home for sale.

For more inspiration and home staging tips, take a look at Set Your Stage on Pinterest.