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See the difference home staging makes. Home staging services.

Before: Curb appeal no longer refers to only the
physical condition of a property. Virtual curb appeal
(online photos) will draw buyers to your step.
After: This home sold in 12 days.

Set Your Stage offers many unique home staging services that can help you transform your listing into a stunning show-able and sale-able show-home. Home staging isn’t decorating or personal taste, it’s a key marketing tool sellers use to get their properties SOLD!
That’s why professionally staged homes show better than unstaged homes; they are designed for the buyer. Your short term investment in home staging is less than a price reduction and it’s listed in HomeGain’s Home Sale Maximizer Guide as one of the top five home improvements for 2012 for sellers (196%).
Home Staging Ideas
Coming from an avid do-it-yourself family, I understand how rewarding it is to complete a project on your own. But where do you get your home staging ideas from? Learn more about Home Staging Consultations.
Home Staging Design
Everyone has such unique and creative ways of expressing themselves in their homes. Unfortunately the way we live in our homes is different than the way we sell homes. 90% of buyers cannot visualize tweaks in furniture placement, paint or personal decor and will choose a home that is move-in ready based on their personal taste. It’s easy to know what works for you and your family, but what will work for the buyer? Learn more about Home Staging Design.
Home Staging Empty House
Selling a vacant property is one of the most stressful things any seller can put themselves through. Some of the most stunning properties can sit on the market for months, even during a sellers market. Not only do buyers have difficulty envisioning where they can place their belongings, but vacant spaces seem smaller, cold, empty and life-less. The solution is simple: welcome your buyers in by staging your empty house. Learn more about Home Staging Empty House.
Home Staging For Realtors
It seems many assume being a real estate agent is easy. From conversations with my Realtor friends and clients, I know it’s not. Along with all of the legal, sales, marketing and coaching required during one of the most stressful times of your client’s lives, you need to advise them their beloved Star Wars collection needs to go. How do you do that without offending them? Learn more about Home Staging For Realtors.
Home Staging Classes for Realtors
As a knowledgeable Realtor, your clients expect information from you on how they can get the best return on investment from their property. Learn the techniques of professional home stagers in-class and gain practical experience at a listed property.
Learn more about Home Staging Classes for Realtors.
To find out if your property could benefit from staging, contact Jen today for your personalized Home Staging Assessment.

Our Latest Client Testimonial

by Carol A. on Set Your Stage
Amazing Job!

I appreciated all you had done with the house and to thank you again. I know the house would not have sold without the amazing job you did ... Read More Testimonials

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