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Kick it Up a Notch by Renting Staging Furniture

August 22, 2016 (posted by Jennifer Campbell, Home Staging Calgary)

If pictures speak a thousand words, will your listing photos tell a story of your house for sale being a dream or a drag? Swap out your existing furniture with staging furniture to completely transform the feeling of your rooms. With rental furniture, it’s simple to kick it up a notch to create a memorable first impression that appeals to buyers.

Does this room look familiar?

Before: Living room before home staging.

See the difference home staging makes.

After: Here is a home staging tip, we added art and accessories on top of the fireplace to bring in more colours and patterns.

Our before and after photos of a home we staged in Springbank Hill Calgary make it easy to see the impact of renting staging furniture when it’s time to sell.

Especially in the main rooms of the house, you want to stage to appeal to what the potential buyers would like, not what you do.

So in a living room where buyers would use the space to entertain guests, it’s important to present a more upscale look that they can feel proud of. Quite often, the furniture that we live with (whether we still have hand me down pieces or ones that suit our personal style and preferences) is not ideal. That’s where staging furniture can really add a wow factor.

Does this room look familiar?

Living room before home staging

In our Springbank Hill example, we moved the owners’ existing large dark furniture downstairs into the man cave/media room where a more casual and cozy atmosphere made more sense. To replace it and create a more formal feel in the living room, rented staging furniture, art, and accessories add a designer touch.

Which version of the room, before or after staging, do you think would appeal most to potential buyers and be memorable?

See the difference home staging makes

After: Light furniture helped make the living room feel more airy & spacious.

After staging several rooms in this home with rented staging furniture that was selected and arranged to create impact, this staged home sold fast. It paid to kick it up a notch.

For more examples of the power and impact of staging, take a look at the Set Your Stage Facebook albums featuring many before and after photos of the various homes and condos that we’ve successfully staged to sell. Let our experienced team stage YOUR home with staging furniture and accessories that will appeal to potential buyers in your Calgary neighbourhood!

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