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Refinish Wooden Furniture to Reduce Staging Costs

June 17, 2016 (posted by Jennifer Campbell, Home Staging Calgary)

I work with a lot of clients who want to stage their house or condo for sale on a budget. They also happen to be open to do-it-yourself projects and prefer to use eco-friendly options whenever possible. My suggestion? Refinish wooden furniture quickly and easily with this simple homemade mixture.

Once again, I was reminded how the solutions to many problems can be found on Pinterest!

I had been looking for a quick and easy fix to give some older wooden furniture a facelift. I was decorating my own condo with some antique family furniture and had some pieces that were looking a little tired.

Also, in my effort to make more environmentally conscious choices in my Calgary home staging business, I sometimes find great used furniture pieces with great bones that can serve a new purpose in my staging projects.

In both cases, I want the solution to be clean, fast, effective, and green.

Does this room look familiar?

Bedroom before staging

See the difference home staging makes.

After: This simple, yet stylish bedroom is the perfect retreat for any homeowner.

So I searched for answers. I tried various techniques. And then I found this simple mixture that only requires two natural ingredients: oil and vinegar. (Not just for salad!)

Not only have I used this mixture to refinish wooden furniture myself, but I have recently recommended it as a tip for some of my Home Staging Consultation clients. It’s not perfect, but it serves its purpose. And because it’s so inexpensive and you probably already have the supplies in your kitchen, it’s definitely worth a try, don’t you think?

Instead of buying new, first try to refinish wooden furniture for cost-effective staging when it’s time to list your home for sale.

For more inspiration and home staging tips, take a look at Set Your Stage on Pinterest.

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