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How to Give a Staged Room Purpose

January 31, 2016 (posted by Jennifer Campbell, Home Staging Calgary)

Whether you’re selling a vacant or furnished property, staging to give each room purpose makes it easier for your potential buyer to imagine how they would use the space. Keep it simple by choosing a few specific items to highlight a theme.

See the difference home staging makes!

After: What a cute play area.

This large vacant home we staged in Brentwood Calgary is a perfect example of how powerful it can be to assign each room purpose.

See the difference home staging makes!

After: This unique area is a great place to relax or play with the kids on the indoor swing, yes a swing!

A few toys create a perfect play area in what might otherwise feel like an awkward space. A desk, chair and plant create an office nook. A games room is tucked in an area near the media room to create the impression of a fun place for a family to hang out together.

The key to staging is that, in most cases, less is more. Selectively choosing and placing items to give a staged room purpose offers a suggestion rather than creating overwhelm for potential buyers. Wrapped by a neutral backdrop, it’s easy to see how powerful such a “hint” can be.

Left empty, these rooms would feel both lifeless and purposeless. That makes the potential buyer have to do the work of figuring out what to do with the space. In most cases, that does not work to the seller’s advantage.

See the difference home staging makes!

After: By moving the desks, as well as adding the shelving, greenery and rocking chair from another room, this toy area feels more spacious and organized. The sofa and love seats moved from upstairs were slip covered to look more modern.

Instead, understand who the most likely potential buyers are for your listing and create spaces where happiness lives.

When you give a staged room purpose, it’s so much easier for the potential buyer to imagine their own family’s happiness there. That’s what makes it easier to sell faster and at a higher price.

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