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What Makes Potential Buyers Choose a Home?

December 20, 2015 (posted by Jennifer Campbell, Home Staging Calgary)

Potential buyers can see countless listings before they finally choose a home. While there are many factors influencing that decision, in most cases, it’s the warm fuzzies that ultimately tip the scales in the final buying decision between similar properties.

TIP: As a seller, working with a professional home stager can help you influence those emotions in your favour.

Does this room look familiar?

Before: Kitchen Before Home Staging.

See the difference professional home staging makes!

After: We staged this kitchen with bar stools and trendy accessories.

This Tomato Envy blog post describes the process well. In “Don’t Just Buy a House: How to Choose A Home”, the author recommends that buyers trust their gut. She puts it this way:

“Other homes, for reasons unknown, had a different vibe. They felt like happiness had lived there, and we should too…The warm fuzzies matter! Pay attention to them.”

Does this room look familiar?

Before: Master bedroom before home staging.

See the difference professional home staging makes.

After: This stylish bedroom is the perfect retreat for any homeowner.

I love that. Happiness lived there – and isn’t that really what we want our homes to be? Our place of comfort and happiness. That’s why, as a professional home stager in Calgary, the power of that vibe is what I focus on every day in my work. I help my clients market the warm fuzzies that potential buyers are looking for. The marketing is key. It’s more than decorating. Different types of buyers are looking for different things in terms of what happiness looks like at different stages of their lives. So, when you’re considering hiring a professional stager, it’s important that she has neighbourhood-specific expertise in staging properties that sell.

Warm fuzzies help a potential buyer to choose a home. If you’re selling your house or condo in Calgary, I can help you with that!

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Selling a Property? Stage for Potential Buyers

June 05, 2016 (posted by Jennifer Campbell, Home Staging Calgary)

When you decide to sell your property, it just makes sense to stage for potential buyers. That means you have to know who they are most likely to be and what they are looking for. The more you can appeal to their ideal lifestyle by staging, the easier it is for your potential buyers to quickly say YES.

Here’s a different way to think of it. Let’s say that you were planning a beach getaway. You start looking online at various options. The first thing you see on one website is an amazing beach filled with shells that you can’t wait to collect.

Does this room look familiar?

Living room before home staging

See the difference home staging makes

After: The masculine furniture from upstairs is moved down to the man cave.

You scroll down and see photo after photo of families with young children. However, your sole purpose is to have a quiet adult getaway. That beach is calling you, but the notion of hearing all those whining and crying kids is a turn off.

Many potential buyers naturally go to the worst case scenario in their mind before deciding to purchase. Regardless of whether it’s catastrophic thinking or simply being conservative with how they spend their hard earned money, it matters.

Still, you look through the rest of the website searching for some reassurance that this dream destination can actually be a good fit for what you’re looking for.

It takes time. It takes effort. It takes openness.


And ultimately, the fear of those whining kids might trump that beautiful beach. So you decide to move on and try to find a better fit.

Does this room look familiar?

Living room before home staging

See the difference home staging makes

After: Light furniture helped make the living room feel more airy & spacious.

The same process happens for your potential buyers when they’re viewing your listing online and in person. They’re looking for a sense of fit. That’s why, when you’re trying to sell your home, it’s critical that you stage for potential buyers. Help them to quickly and easily see themselves in your property.

For more examples of the power and impact of staging, take a look at the Set Your Stage Facebook albums featuring many before and after photos of the various homes and condos that we’ve successfully staged to sell. Let our experienced team stage for potential buyers in your Calgary neighbourhood!

3 Tips on Using Essential Oils for Home Staging

December 14, 2015 (posted by Jennifer Campbell, Home Staging Calgary)

A lot of people love using essential oils for wellness. But have you considered using them as a tool for selling your house? Here are three tips for how you can strategically use essential oils for home staging.

Personally, my preference is for homes to smell clean and fresh versus scented. That includes using plants to clean your indoor air and other more natural solutions to address odours.

But if you are going to use scented products before your next open house, you might as well switch to essential oils. Keep in mind though, different people have different scent preferences, tolerances, and personal memories attached to certain scents. Proceed with that in mind and choose a “less is more” approach.

Before home staging

Dining area before home staging.

See the difference home staging makes.

After: Using a bench as part of your dining room set really opens up the room.

Inspired by this infographic on Pinterest, here’s how you can use essential oils for home staging:

For Cleaning:
Tea tree and eucalyptus oils might be great for disinfecting, but they’re not ideal scents to use when staging your home. Instead, use a few drops of lemon or orange essential oil on a wet cloth to clean solid surfaces or add a scented cotton ball to your vacuum bag before you do that last minute tidy for your next open house.

In the Bedroom:

Ideal for stress reduction and relaxation, try a chamomile and lavender blend. Add a few drops to a spray bottle with water. Shake and spray onto rugs and linens.

Inside Entrance:

Promote a positive feeling of happiness when potential buyers take their first step indoors. Stick with citrus and or something soothing like my favourite Young Living scents Peace & Calming or Stress Away? Just don’t overpower them!

Scent marketing is big business. Using essential oils for home staging is certainly something to consider.

For more staging inspiration, check out the various boards we have at Set Your Stage on Pinterest.

Clean Indoor Air Using Plants for Home Staging

November 08, 2015 (posted by Jennifer Campbell, Home Staging Calgary)

Think of the potential buyers who will be viewing your house for sale. What’s the first thing they’ll smell when they walk in the door? Hopefully nothing. Nothing but clean indoor air. If you are living in your home while selling and have time to care for them, use simple house plants to stage your property with clean and fresh smelling air as your goal.

Our sense of smell is powerful. You know how it feels to walk into a home and notice the first smell. If you’re selling, that opening sniff better make a positive first impression.

If not, it’s a challenging memory to overcome. After seeing ten listings, what will the potential home buyers’ lasting memory be of your place? It could easily be that first scent impression. Don’t allow that to create a problem impacting the progress of your sale.

Sometimes we get used to the scents that surround us, so it’s helpful to ask a trusted friend (or home stager!) for their honest feedback. Maybe you’ve seen that commercial where the person’s kitchen is presented as a fish market to show how others experience the space. It’s a bit exaggerated, but true.

Before home staging.

Before home staging.

See the difference that home staging makes?

This sunroom is perfect for lazy Sunday afternoons with a good book.

So when I saw this infographic on Pinterest about clean indoor air, I knew it would be a helpful Pin to add to the Set Your Stage DIY Home Improvement Board.

I’ve written before about the importance of getting rid of smell to sell. Plants provide an ideal natural solution.

For home staging purposes, choose a plant from the list that reflects the style and feel that you want your home to express to potential buyers.

Beachy? I’d go with the areca palm.

Health conscious? Why not aloevera?

Don’t have a green thumb? Chinese evergreen is a hardy choice.

Inspiration can come from anywhere. When it comes to clean indoor air, look no further than nature…and of course, Pinterest!

For more staging inspiration, check out the various boards we have at Set Your Stage on Pinterest.