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Staging Props: Don’t Sell Your Property Without Them

December 21, 2016 (posted by Jennifer Campbell, Home Staging Calgary)
There’s no denying the power of suggestion. It’s a psychological phenomenon that has wide ranging implications. When it comes to selling property, staging props are key tools for suggesting the lifestyle that is possible for buyers. So use them to your advantage!
See the difference professional home staging makes!

After: Remind buyers this would be a great home!

Research summarized in a post by the Association for Psychological Science suggests that, “Once we anticipate a specific outcome will occur, our subsequent thoughts and behaviors will actually help to bring that outcome to fruition.”
In terms of selling a house or condo, the ideal outcome is that potential buyers enter the property and not only see themselves happily living there, but also believe that the ideal lifestyle they desire is actually possible for them. All this comes together to result in a sale.
That’s where staging props come in.
See the difference professional home staging makes!

After: The oils, cookbook and salt & pepper shakers get buyers thinking about cooking in this kitchen.

It’s one way that science and art intertwine. Pablo Picasso once said that, “Everything you can imagine is real.” To me, that’s partly about the power of possibility. And it’s also about the power of suggestion.
As a professional home stager in Calgary, I understand that some people find it challenging to imagine possibilities when it comes to how to use a space. That goes for home sellers who want to earn the most from their investment, and for home buyers who are choosing their next ideal living environment.
That’s why working with a home staging professional is so powerful. Your stager understands how to use staging props effectively to assist in the imagining AND making the most of the power of suggestion. That benefits both the buyer and seller.
See the difference professional home staging makes!

After: Imagine watching a movie in this family room after a long day.

Want to know how to use staging props to your advantage? Consult with a stager who has experience staging properties that sold in your neighbourhood! In Calgary, contact me to schedule your free, no pressure, personalized Home Staging Assessment today.
Still curious about the benefits of home staging? Read more about my work and reach out when you’re ready. Ask how the Set Your Stage team can help your Calgary detached house or condo become SOLD!

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