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Replace Dated Features in Bathrooms Prior to Home Staging

October 27, 2016 (posted by Jennifer Campbell, Home Staging Calgary)
When it’s time to sell, it pays to work with a professional home stager prior to listing. And if you have dated features in significant rooms like your bathroom, a few minor updates will make the home staging even more effective. Here are three wallet friendly ways that have worked for me and my clients.

Prior to listing my own Sunnyside condo for sale this past spring, my fiancé and I knew that we wanted to sell fast and at the highest price possible since we were planning to purchase a home and move up the property ladder. Based on my experience staging a range of properties in Calgary, I knew that a few updates in our bathrooms would help to accomplish that goal.


Does this room look familiar?

Before: Bathroom before home staging.

While it did take some time and DIY elbow grease, all of our updates were reasonable on our wallet.


See the difference home staging makes.

After: The cheery bathroom accessories highlight this master bathroom’s updated backsplash and countertop (yes there are 2 full baths).

In addition to How to Stage a Bathroom to Sell, here are three ways we addressed the dated features in our bathroom to maximize the appeal to potential buyers who were looking for a “move-in-ready” condo:

  • Tiles: Replace the existing ornate tiles that highlight the room’s age with glass mosaic tiles to give a more modern feel. In cases where the dated tiles are only used as a decorative tile border among a larger wall of plain tile, simply replace the border for a quick update.
  • Grout: Make it look pristine by either replacing it with fresh white grout or stain it white.
  • Caulking: If the caulking around your sink or shower is showing any signs of mold or discolouration from time, remove it and re-caulk.
  • Countertop: Some buyers will have difficulty looking past your orange or chipped countertop. Replace it with an option that fits your budget or consider a DIY update with a product like Rust-Oleum Countertop Transformations.

If you will be selling a Calgary property with dated features and have questions about how staging can help, I invite you to contact me to schedule your schedule your free, no pressure, personalized Home Staging Assessment today.

Still curious about the benefits of home staging? Read more about my work and reach out when you’re ready. Ask how the Set Your Stage team can help your Calgary home or condo become SOLD!


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