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Our Most Important Tip for How to Stage a Long Room

September 03, 2016 (posted by Jennifer Campbell, Home Staging Calgary)

A long, narrow room can be a challenge to furnish. When it’s time to sell, the worst thing you can do is leave this as a problem for potential buyers to figure out. That could cost you a quick sale. Instead, stage a long room with the goal to divide and conquer.

It’s not a battle. But leaving potential problems in a buyer’s mind can make it feel like one for them. On one hand, they will like aspects of the property. On the other hand, they’ll feel stuck wondering what to do with the long narrow room that they can’t figure out how to furnish in a way that makes the most sense.

See the difference home staging makes.

After: The large windows make this seating area the perfect place to relax with a good book.

Don’t be on the losing end of that battle. Instead, stage a long room by visually dividing it into separate functional areas and furnish accordingly.

In this post, when I refer to a long room, I’m not talking about an open concept living and dining room situation. What I mean is one long room that is designated to have one purpose but the length makes it hard to determine where the furniture will go. In the real estate listing details, it could be the room referred to as the living or family room, or perhaps the bonus room.

See the difference home staging makes.

After: Brightly coloured art overtop of this fireplace really pops and adds to the space.

With a divide and conquer approach to staging a living room, you could divide it into an area set up for watching TV and another small spot by a window staged as a cozy reading nook.

See the difference home staging makes?

After home staging: We staged this bonus area to be a neat little reading nook or a home office!

A bonus room could be set up as part hobby area and part office.

Choose one larger furniture piece to anchor each functional area and build on each theme with appropriate accessories.

When you stage a long room with divide and conquer in mind, you’ll make it easier for potential buyers to quickly decide that your listing meets their needs.

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