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Tips for Living in a Staged Home

July 17, 2016 (posted by Jennifer Campbell, Home Staging Calgary)

Your house is officially ready for sale. It has been professionally staged to make the best possible first impression. Real estate photos have been taken. Now the viewings have started. How do you keep your listing presentable? Here are my tips for sellers who are living in a staged home.

Selling a house can be stressful. Professional staging can help it sell faster, but it can still feel too long for sellers who continue to live in their home while it’s listed. Especially for sellers who have kids, keeping your home like the stager intended can be quite a challenge.

Does this room look familiar?

Before: Bedroom before home staging.

See the difference home staging makes?

After: After home staging: Look at all of these rich colours in this master bedroom!


So what do you do when your realtor calls for a short notice showing when you’re living in a staged home? Don’t panic. Be prepared.

I wrote about the value of having an open house box. Here are some more tips:

Kitchen: In the short term, consider changing your eating habits to avoid cooking anything that creates odours. Sure, you can try to eliminate the odours, but it’s simpler to avoid creating them in the first place, especially if you have an open concept space.

Bathroom: In your daily life, you love your own private bathroom. But for your own sanity in keeping the bathrooms clean, tidy and moisture free for viewings, consider sharing one main bathroom for use by everyone while your home is listed.

Bedroom: You’ve gotta make those beds, put away clothes, and clear off the night stands. Consider designating extra bedrooms “off limits” while your house is for sale. You can even encourage kids to “camp out” together in one room in the short-term to reduce the last minute scramble.

Bins, cabinets and containers: Make these your best friends while selling. You will have already de-cluttered, donated, and perhaps sent some items to storage in the process of staging to sell. But for those everyday items like toys, shoes, important papers, etc., have a system in place to quickly hide them away.

Does this room look familiar?

Before: Bathroom before home staging.

See the difference home staging makes.

After: Accessories and art makes this master bathroom look like the perfect place to relax at the end of the day.

Living in a staged home for sale is not the most convenient lifestyle choice. That said, it is possible to ease the stress with preparation while you keep your listing show-worthy.

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