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Yes, Your Book (Home Edition aka Curb Appeal) WILL be Judged by its Cover

June 29, 2016 (posted by Jennifer Campbell, Home Staging Calgary)

The inside of your home may be immaculate. But if you’re selling, and the outside looks a little rough around the edges, potential buyers will be turned off. Staging outside matters as much as it does inside. So pay attention to your listing’s curb appeal and do the dirty work before the For Sale sign goes up.

Have you ever walked or driven by a house in a nice neighbourhood only to see that it’s looking unkept? Fence is falling apart. Grass is like a jungle. Paint is chipping off. There’s a dent in the garage door. Empty garbage cans are lying around. There are few signs of life.

Imagine if there was a For Sale sign on the front lawn. Would you be excited to see inside?

Well you might be if you are an investor looking for a bargain. But if you are looking for a home to raise your family in, you would most likely keep looking elsewhere. Poor curb appeal tells a powerful story.

The point is that most of us make a pretty quick judgement about whether we feel like a listing is suitable based on first impressions. After all, if it looks that bad on the outside, imagine what problems are lurking behind the walls inside. No thanks. I’ll pass.

When you decide to sell your home, it’s to your advantage to invest some time, money, and good old elbow grease in making the outside look as inviting as possible. I’ve shared some tips in the past for staging outdoor spaces to maximize curb appeal.

And this infographic is also helpful.

Bottom line? Don’t overlook the power of curb appeal to attract your ideal buyer. Do the work to beautify your home’s “cover” and let potential buyers judge the suitability of your listing based on a positive first impression.

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