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How to Stage a Bathroom to Sell

February 20, 2016 (posted by Jennifer Campbell, Home Staging Calgary)

For such a small room (comparatively speaking), this one space raises a lot of questions when it’s time to sell. Here are my tips for how to stage a bathroom in a way that helps to sell your home.

Think about it. More than for its utilitarian purposes, a bathroom is one key space where you start and end your day. So when a potential buyer views your listing online or walks through for a personal showing, you want to stage for their desired experience.

See the difference home staging makes.

After: Adding the white towels and artwork as well as the glass soap pumps and mini plant make this master bathroom feel like a spa.

How does your potential buyer want to use the space? How do they want to feel in the space?

The guest bathroom:
Stage this room to feel welcoming for guests by adding a few special touches for comfort in a vignette with a mini vase of flowers, a few individual sized natural soaps displayed in a glass bowl, and a small piece of art that feels nurturing. Add plush white towels, a new face cloth and a nubbly rug for added softness.

The family bathroom:
This room is about efficiency. Imagine how the potential buyer’s ideal getting-out-the-door-on-time in the morning and end of day bed-time routines can be presented for more ease. Highlight family-friendly features like storage, bathtubs, and counter space.

The Master bathroom:
This room is about retreat and re-balancing. Think spa. Ambiance. A touch of luxe in textiles and finishings. Highlights of sea tones are popular in an otherwise monotone space.

Stage a bathroom to help sell your home by keeping your potential buyer’s lifestyle needs and desires in mind. Don’t flush money down the toilet by avoiding these smaller, but important, spaces.

See the difference professional home staging makes.

After: Adding the blue accessories make this bathroom feel even more like a spa.

For more inspiration on how to stage a bathroom to sell, check out Set Your Stage’s “Bathrooms after Home Staging” board on Pinterest.

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