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DIY Home Staging Can Showcase Your Stunning Listing in Calgary

February 12, 2016 (posted by Jennifer Campbell, Home Staging Calgary)

You may already have everything you need to stage your home to sell. But that doesn’t mean your home is making its best first impression. With advice from a professional stager and by implementing her DIY home staging tips, you can showcase a stunning listing that appeals to buyers for impact and results.

Sometimes it takes less than you think to create a positive first impression when you’re preparing your home to sell. For example, in our DIY home staging consultation for clients in Hawkwood, one of our suggestions was a strategic shuffle in the furniture that they already had in their home.

By bringing extra furniture from the upstairs area to the downstairs area, these clients opened up their living rooms, creating space to allow their selling feature fireplaces to be the focal point of each room.

After all, who doesn’t want to get cozy by a warm fire during Calgary winters? Staging makes it easier for a potential buyer to imagine enjoying that experience which allows the listing to feel more like home.

Guess what? After staging, this Calgary home SOLD in TWO DAYS!

It just goes to show that, no matter what economy we may be experiencing in Calgary as we start 2016, home staging truly makes a difference! And because the service is so affordable, DIY home staging consultations are especially HOT now.

How much would it take to showcase your stunning listing in Calgary? Could you use a strategic shuffle?

For more examples of the power and impact staging can create in a space, take a look at the Set Your Stage Facebook albums featuring many before and after photos of the various homes and condos that we’ve successfully staged to sell. Put our ideas and experience to work for you!

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