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Home Stager Tip: Self Storage Rental

September 10, 2015 (posted by Jennifer Campbell, Home Staging Calgary)

It makes sense that a lot of people ask me about self storage rental in Calgary. After all, I’m a professional home stager who owns quite an inventory of staging furniture and accessories that need to be stored somewhere when not in use.

Plus, I know that having self storage can make moving easier for both sellers and buyers who are in transition.

What does a home stager's inventory look like?

What does a home stager’s inventory look like?

Let’s say that, even after they declutter, I recommend to clients that they remove multiple furniture items and accessories in order to stage their home for sale in a way that will be most appealing for potential buyers. If they want to take those items to their next home instead of getting rid of them, it’s pretty inconvenient to store them with different family and friends.

With so much already going on in the process of selling (plus the stress that people can experience), sometimes it’s just simpler to make a small investment in a self storage rental option that fits your short-term needs.

What does a home stager's inventory look like?

What does a home stager’s inventory look like?

And what about when the closing dates on your new and existing properties don’t coordinate exactly? What do you do with all your stuff when you’re “in-between” places?

Depending on how far you’re moving, it can be expensive to pay for movers to make two separate trips (or to rent a truck and spend all that extra time to do it yourself). The simplest and most cost effective solution in that case may be a self storage rental. It’s definitely worth comparing options.

Personally, I live in a condo. So there’s no way I could store all the staging rental furniture for my business at home.

The solution that I depend on is Maple Leaf Self Storage on Sunridge where I rent a 10×30 storage unit for my staging accessories plus a 10×35 for rental furniture. And, since I bought more sofas to add to my staging rental furniture inventory recently, I’ll need even more space!

For me, having a reliable self storage rental gives me peace of mind and flexibility. It allows me to focus my energy on what’s important: my clients and doing my work efficiently.

What does a home stager's inventory look like?

What does a home stager’s inventory look like?

I rely on a range of suppliers to do my work as a professional home stager in Calgary. To find out more and see if your property could benefit from our range of home staging services, contact Jen at Set Your Stage.

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