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Hang Artwork like a Staging Pro

June 16, 2013 (posted by Jennifer Campbell, Home Staging Calgary)
Staging your home to sell? Hanging artwork helps to make a room look complete. Hung properly, it can enhance a space. Improperly, it becomes a distraction, making the room feel awkward. Learn how to hang artwork like a professional stager with these quick tips.
The center of the artwork should be at 5’2”. Imagine the average person being able to stand and comfortably look straight at the image.
Artwork should be hung between 6” to 1 foot above furniture. It may feel low, but this allows enough space for a person’s head not to hit the frame and it also looks as if it belongs with the furniture as a seamless grouping. Too much space makes it feel disjointed.
See the difference staging makes?

After: This open concept living/office space feels organized and spacious – a great place to live and work.

Always work with the rule of three. Especially if you have smaller pieces, group them together to create a stronger impact. In some cases (like the loft living room I staged ) you can work with existing items to make the group of three (fireplace plus two pictures).
Use simple frames that are the same (or at least the same colour) to create a harmonious feel. Choose frames that match the style of your staging décor and that will appeal to your potential buyer.
And here’s an extra tip. If you’re staging a property and don’t want to mess up the walls, a small finishing nail or sewing needle may be enough to hold up your frame. Placed on a slight angle downward through your drywall, you’ll be surprised how much it can hold. And you won’t be left with a big hole to deal with after.
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