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Top 10 Lawn Maintenance Tips

April 24, 2011 (posted by Jennifer Campbell, Home Staging Calgary)
Luscious Lawn

After: Luscious lawn after curb appeal transformation.

Now that the snow is starting to melt (knock on wood). It’s time to start thinking about your lawn maintenance for the spring. David Beaulieu wrote an article called Spring Lawn Care on with the top 10 things you should do in the spring to keep your lawn at it’s best for the rest of the year.

6 Responses to “Top 10 Lawn Maintenance Tips”

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    You could use rainwater as a free water source by collecting them inside a rain barrel. Using rainwater will help you save time and money because you are using it as a natural resource of water. It helps clean the soil by removing salt buildup, therefore promoting a safe environment for plants to thrive.

  2. Jennifer Campbell Says:

    Great tip!

  3. stump removal Council Bluffs Says:

    Now that spring is finally here, it is the great time to maintain our lawns and restore its beauty. These maintenance tips that you shared are very helpful in doing so. Thanks for sharing a very informative article.

  4. Jennifer Campbell Says:

    Thanks so much for your wonderful comment Stump Removal Council Bluffs!

  5. lawn treatment Says:

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  6. Jennifer Campbell Says:

    Thanks so much Lawn Hopper!

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